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Frequently asked questions about dried meat, its consumption and use

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How long does the delivery of ordered goods take?
A: All the goods we order are in stock. Our delicacies can be received within two days of ordering, depending on the payment method you choose.
Question: Are dried meat, dried fish and dried seafood safe?
Answer: All the products we offer are absolutely safe and safe. Dried meat, fish and seafood are hygienically packed in breathable packs that guarantee long-lasting durability. If there is no tampering, there is no risk of contamination and spoilage of the product.
Each producer of dried meat, dried fish and seafood must meet the strictest hygiene and veterinary requirements for all processes in the production, handling and marketing of products of animal origin. Each such manufacturer is subject to the approval of local hygiene and veterinary authorities under the laws of the European Union. The fact that the product and the manufacturer are approved and registered by the competent veterinary authorities can be identified by the approval number / registration on the product packaging. For example, for BEEF JERKA dried meat, it is LT 29-04 EB.
This number will allow for close monitoring and control from animal breeding to the sale of dried meat to the final consumer.
Even our company Ing. David Musil meets strict conditions for handling and trading of animal products, our registration number is CZ 62A01549.
Every delivery of dried meat, dried fish and seafood is mandatory to report to the State Veterinary Administration of the Czech Republic, subject to control.
Authorization and registration, other than the manufacturer, are also subject to the importers or distributors of products of animal origin.
If the approval / registration number on the product packaging is not available or the vendor fails to provide you, the manufacturer, importer or distributor does not meet EU conditions and is not approved / registered by the veterinary authorities for the handling and marketing of products of animal origin.
In this case, beware, not only is the manufacturer, importer or distributor violating the laws, but you are also facing serious health complications.

What dried meat do you buy from us?

Dried biltong meatIn our e-shop offers dried meat of various kinds – premium dried beef Beef Jerky , dried deer meatVenison Jerky, dried meat on a South African Biltong crug way … This dried meat  are packaged differently and seasoned with various spices and accessories.

These delicacies in the form of dried meat will be appreciated at every occasion, whether it be sport, traveling, holiday, or visiting a wine bar, a wine shop or a restaurant with friends. Dried meat is also a great gift for your loved ones. Dried meat is a healthy low fat snack, also popular as a healthy or sports nutrition. As a dietary treat, dried meat recommends, for example, the Atkins diet. Dried meat very suitable for all leisure and sports activities – outdoor, fitness, wellness …

Dried fish and dried seafood

Roasted prawns

Dried seafood (Suchogryz) has similar nutritional value to Beef Jerky , they are virtually fat-free, they also contain a number of vitamins and minerals. Dried fish are well suited for beer or wine … In addition to appetite, dried fish are rich in a number of unsaturated Omega-3 fatty acids, these components are one of the building blocks of brain tissue but also have an important function in hormone synthesis – dopamine, called hormones of happiness.

Your first purchase of dried meat

If you want to buy dried meat or dried fish and seafood for the first time , then you’re in the right place. We have prepared a modern e-shop for you with a number of features that will make your shopping easier. We offer a convenient home purchase and fast delivery . We guarantee the quality of the delivered goods and the security of payments  and the  protection of personal data . 

Of course there is professional approach and professional counseling. We will advise you on how to cook dried meat , dried fish and seafoodconsume how to make the most of it and help you choose the most suitable product for you. 

An integral part of professional approach and advice is information about news and discounts for registered customers. That’s why we recommend you to register in our e-shop and then wait for this exclusive information in the comfort of your home.

Who is buying dry meats, dried fish and seafood

Consumers of healthy nutrition

dried meat is part of healthy nutritionUnder the term healthy nutrition , every layman and practitioner represents something different. What one can benefit, it can harm the other person. 

In general, however, in healthy nutrition , the basis is a balanced and rich diet . The rules and principles of healthy nutrition are found in all fallen, and many nutrition books have been written on the subject of healthy nutrition , and many articles have been published. 

All this endeavor around healthy nutrition has a common denominator, and this is particularly evident today – what, the more natural food or the basic food, the healthier and the better fit for the concept of the contemporary concept and perception of the concepthealthy nutrition .

People who have a healthy lifestyle

dried meat and a healthy lifestyleHealthy lifestyle , it’s healthy nutrition , movement and well-being. 

If these three components are in balance, most people are doing well. They can easily deal with common illness or daily stress. 

A well-established and respected healthy lifestyle protects us from civilization diseases, but also from flu and cold, or from various epidemics. Observe certain lifestyle habits, such as drinking, fresh air, stiffness, enough movement and rest, the intake of vitamins, etc. It does not just matter what you eat, but how much you eat. If we talk about a healthy / modern / lifestyle , then quality of food, our lifestyle is significantly limited.

Gourmet enthusiasts

consuming dried meat as a gourmet experienceThere are many occasions when we use food or drinks that we include in a group of delicacies, delicacies or delicacies . There are also a number of people who are looking for new or unconventional food types, their combinations, longing for new taste experiences, or just like to taste something new. 

They are gourmets, gourmets or delightful people who are also willing to spend a great deal of time to treat delicacies , delicaciesor delicacies . Selected and special categories of foods certainly include dried meat . It is due both to its quality, exceptionalty and the flavor of pleasure it provides. 

Dried meatis the exclusive and exceptionally suited to satisfy even the most demanding gourmets and gourmets . Provided taste experience enhances the exclusivity of even the most important event held at the highest level.

People in demanding professions and athletes

dried meat is suitable for athletes and national professionsBased on the characteristics and nutritional values ​​of the dried meat, we can recommend its consumption without fear to all categories of athletes , no matter what sport discipline they are doing and at what level the sport is run. 

It’s always going to be an athlete who has a product that complements the athletes‘ energy , relieves fatigue and, at the same time, does not burden the body. Every athlete will appreciate the low portion weight, small size and high energy value, this gives the quality of the dried meat and the way it is processed. 

As with athletes, this is true for workers with a demanding profession such as: – truck driver – long distance bus driver – city bus driver – pilot airliner – rescuers – mining rescue service members – divers – firefighters – ambulance personnel rescue services – helicopter pilot rescue service – emergency medical officers – – soldiers on military missions and exercises, etc.